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The society building, situated,far from the chaostic city-areas, still, due to its vintage position is within reach of vital business and commercial sectors.

The day-to-day functioning of the society is effeciently managed by the devoted members of the Managing Committee, who oversee the society's administrative office, manned by a Manaqer, supported by a team of staff-workmen, who strive their best to make the society a home for everyone to live-in.

Name : IL-Palazzo Co-operative Housing Society Ltd.
Address : Little Gibbs Road, Malabar Hill, Mumbai 400 006
Telephone : 2369 2908, 2368 1342 (Telefax)
Soc Regd. No. : BOM-HSG-3481 of 1972
Plot No. : Cadastal Survey No. 3A/319 of Malabar Hill Division of MCG-Mumbai D Ward
Building : Basement Car-Parking, Store Rooms, Ground Floor Plus 21 storey Comprising 2 wings having 2 flats on each floor. Total flats : 84 (w/w - 14 Duplex flats).
Elevator : Four Automatic Elevator of Mitsubishi and OTIS make. (Two in each wing.) Two manually operated service lifts of convensional design., of OTIS make. (One in each wing.)
C.C.T.V. : 14 cameras placed in strategic points, encompassing basement parking slot, two lobbies & in each automatic elevators. Monitors placed with security personnels desk.
P. Address System : Manned by the security personnels for the drivers.
Intercom : Installed in each flat connectivity provided with entry/exit gates security personals, society office, Security desks, all the elevators, lifts, pump room, lift operating cabins on the terrace.
Lobbies : Exquisitively lined with granite, marble, mirrors and decorative lamp shades sofa sets for the visitors.
Generator : In case of electrical power failure to operate the elevators & supply of water to each flat.
Pumps : Four variable frequency drive hydropneunatic pumps to supply water to each flat, up to 21 floors.
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